Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fountain Multimedia

We are please to announce a new addition to our production team. Fountain Multimedia has been in animation and production for years now and is going to be bringing their skills and services to our clients for the future of digital business. From intro's of music videos to endings of commercials, We will be doing it all for our clients. If you need something for a film...we can make it. With our graphic design department and our new FOUNTAIN MULTIMEDIA partnership, we can make a video game or a animated movie. All you need to do is ask....

Enjoy his demo reel and let us know when you need help from the Gatsby


  1. I am so impressed with your creativity.I am
    interested in Animation and graphics design.I am looking for universities who can provide me B sc degree.I would prefer 2D and 3D animation.Do you have any knowledge of any good university?

    Warm regards

  2. Feel free to contact us at thegatsby@thegrimeygatsby.com for more info