Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AmberMay Dating Services - Gatsby in SLC!!!

By: Baya Voce

Let's be honest, Salt Lake isn't known for it's hip dating scene. Actually, it can be quite bland. I moved from Aspen to Salt Lake, where I grew up the summer of 2011. As everyone knows, Aspen is hip, it's hot, it has status... and rightfully so. When I moved back into SLC all of my friends were in relationships -- literally, every single one of them. And as a single girl, nothing was going on here! When I met Amber (the co-founder) she had recently been laid off. I asked her if she would be into starting a dating company and she was immediately on board. Salt Lake needed zest in a MAJOR way, and that's exactly what we provide. I definitely take a little of the Aspen steeze and bring it to the Salt Lake scene; lord knows it needs it.

Baya & Amber of AmberMay Dating Services....

At AmberMay we have an array of services catering to everyone -- single or taken. We offer speed dating and mixers for the singles - from casual to formal and themed events all over SLC. For people in relationships we offer date planning -- we plan anything from dinner and an event to a stay-cation or a weekend away. We do proposal planning, which is similar to the date planning. From simple and intimate to over the top and extravagant, we take care of all the details for you. The best part is, you get all the credit. The last service we offer is consulting. This ranges from styling, to matchmaking, to date guidance and beyond. 

NOW Magazine cover.....

Since we're so new, day-to-day is a TON of online networking, reaching out to media and trying to get the community involved in our company. When I moved to SLC from Aspen, I had no idea I would be a business owner; I mean, I came here to study film. Dating, love, relationships -- they're my life, but I never thought they would be my career. I've been in and out of relationships since I can remember, I am always giving advice to friends and colleagues about dating, love, breakups, etc, and not to toot my own horn (or maybe a just a little), but I'm really good at it. This type of work is my passion, it only makes sense that I would make a business out of it. 

The great thing about my partnership with Amber is that she has lived here her whole life and has worked in the nightlife scene for years. She knows all the great spots to go in town, whether you're looking for a bar, a lounge, a great place to eat, or something to do for free. I, on the other hand, have been traveling since I graduated high school; so I bring a lot of the flavor from different cities to influence our ideas.

Their services can be used ANYWHERE. You can better your wardrobe, style, communication, and listening all from your home with their help. And, of course, if your in SLC....you should be down with AmberMay. It's the Gatsby thing to do. 

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