Monday, April 23, 2012

Grassroots Grand Opening - Denver

2209 Larimer - Denver 

There was a great gathering at the Grand Opening this weekend which was followed by festivities all over the city. We arrived Friday 4/20/12 at 4:10pm at the store and it was already a buzz and flurry of sales, new designs, and family roaming the store, street, and alley talking about memories, the future, and the accomplishments at hand. Jumbie made his way to Denver for the weekend and we met more people from all over (Aspen, Boulder, California, New York, Florida) that made the voyage for the weekend of Grassroots and Love.

New Grand Opening Sign made by: Jumbie

Kids played arcade games, the DJ's threw tunes till the evening, the crews mingled and talked over new collabo's, events, and the summer of "booth life." You can check our Facebook page for some of the new styles that were dropped (Chicago Bowls, Denver Dank, VibeSquad, Two Fresh, and many many more). These cats have the head game on lock from coast to coast with their bands, DJ's, lifestyle clothing, and Integrated customization with great graphic designs. 

Started in California and making it's way East with every breathe, Grassroots is something we have followed for over a year now. They have a great love for street culture and also embrace anyone that needs somewhere to relax. They are part of the new school customer service.....even when you leave the store; Their still everywhere you need to be. 

Before you can open a have to build one!!

Saturday featured a block party and live glass blowing in the alley behind the store. The people again flocked from all over the city to come see the new spot for "freshness."

The new freshness from Grassroots.....

100% custom.....nuff said

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