Wednesday, March 28, 2012

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound - INTERVIEW

JC & the Band are playing the Belly Up, Aspen on Wednesday, April 4th. They just played some great shows at SXSW and are going to be touring all over the US this spring/summer. Be sure to swing by the venue near you for their next show. Their sound is perfect for your Spring of 2012!!!!

From the GG Family ---- THIS IS A BAND NOT TO MISS!!!!

When do you do your best writing?
I do a lot in hotel rooms been I have my own room. Almost always then. Also late at night when theres no pressure to be doing anything else. Initial inspiration usually comes during isolation of one kind or another.

What is your favorite Venue to play?
There's so many. In the US the Triple Door in Seattle has pretty amazing sound.

What is the your favorite city for food on the road?
The towns we played in Northern Italy last year are the  general consensus. 

Favorite Guitar?
Gibson ES 335. Billy plays a 1972 model through a variety of Fender Amps. On the record he also emits his 66 Telecaster.

Best collaboration in 2011, and 2012?
Hard to say. The worst was definitely LULU.

Musical Influences?
Otis Redding, Iggy Pop, Al Green, Tina Turner, Motown, The Clash, Television, Prince - currently listening to Azelia Banks & Frank Ocean.

Writing Influences?
Curtis Mayfield and Lou Reed come to mind first.

Most Grimey thing done on the road? (one story....) 
Our truly Grimey stories don't deserve your ink. But yes they do exist. We're gentleman though we can't go into detail.

Largest audience played in 2012?
Id say a couple thousand opening for JJ  Grey and Mofro.

 4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?
Jamie Liddell
Joni Mitchell
The Staples Singers
The Roots

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