Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grassroots Hats - California to Colorado spreading the grime.....

We have seen this company for a couple years now at music shows, Colorado festivals, California parties, and the lifestyle of the GRIMEY!!! Recently, we got to visit their shop in Denver and see the "behind-the-scenes" action that is Grassroots. From designs to fabrics, hat pins to sleeves of product, they are the hat-makers you need to know. The crew keeps it "family" as they live in their store and have people coming and going throughout the day. Everyone aids in the Grassroots brand. They have made custom hats for Method Man, JDilla Foundation, Capitol Hemp (DC), The Cannabis Cup, Hitman Glass, Bassnectar, Untz (Music Blog), and many many more that you will know. This summer they will be on tour again at music festivals, in your local shops (if not already), and on the top of every big music act performing on stage.

JDilla Foundation + Grassroots = 'nuff said

HEMP - Panda - Steezy & Boss

There's style and grace and then there's grimey & gatsby. Grassroots has the best quality, innovation, and perks (hidden pockets, hat pins to match, accessories, & clothing) that make them the "who's who" of street culture. From custom hats for musicians, dj's, and brands to their constant contact with the streets, they have the knowledge as to what's coming NEXT. Their designers are researching the newest flava's of lifestyle = music, fashion, and events (just like a Good Gatsby should). 

Some of their arsenal

Yup that's Method Man's hat.....

Keeping the hats Gatsby and the lifestyle Grimey in California and Colorado....but don't forget their worldwide now with custom hats, musical festivals, and their massive shipping department. All you need to do is get one before all the rest do.


The big dogs all wear Grassroots

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks - Racks on Racks on Racks

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