Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deco Bikes - Keeping Miami GREEN!!!

As we started our tour of Miami, we noticed grey bikes all over town. In special racks, underneath people riding all over town, and where ever we were walking we saw DECO BIKES. It’s a great concept from a city that isn’t as “green” as it could be. There aren’t recycle bins anywhere near the beach. Most places don’t even recycle within their own establishments. BUT…..Miami has done something great for the environment (while putting a harsh blow to the bike rental business industry).

You can head to any beachfront intersection and see a rack of Deco Bikes. You can walk about 25 yards from anywhere in South Beach and see a rack of Deco Bikes. If you choose to walk… are surrounded by them like schools of fish on a scuba trip. The bikes are great, easy to adjust, and are rented “by use.”

Here’s how it works: you swipe your card at the rack and pick a bike. You use it till you are finished and put it into ANY Deco Bike rack ANY WHERE in the city. This means:
You can ride it down the street and back.
You can ride it all day.
You can ride it one way for a meeting.
You can ride it anywhere you want.

This all being said, you can see how this has helped the environment in Miami. Less cars, more exercise, easier use of bikes, and better organization of transport. The “Rack” as people call it [any Deco Bike rack] is a hub of information. People talk about where they just went, that they are in a hurry, and consult the map to see how to get around easier. We spent about 45 minutes at a “rack” in north beach. We saw many different types of society from the late nigh turned early morning party creature, the beach commuter professional, the tourist family of 5, the locals going to yoga & back, a couple going to see a new breakfast location, and a man that said, “I go where I want.” It seems that Deco Bike has freed many things in Miami….more than just the world of some exhaust pipes. 

Of the people we met in Miami during our trip:
7 recommended to grab a Deco Bike as it was "easy, fast and cheap"
3 used a Deco Bike to get to our meeting
5 used a Deco Bike within 24 hours prior to meeting with me

We hope to see this new avenue of “green” business in more cities. If you have Deco Bikes in your area please let us know. Denver, Seattle, Boulder, San Diego, and Charlotte all are great markets for this consumer happy, environmentally friendly, healthy option to a cab, bus, or car.

Keeping it Gatsby, one pedal at a time…..
Green Gatsby

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