Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Re:Creation - Denver's Musical Movement marches on...

Euphonic Conceptions Presents Re:Creation  

Cervantes was at its liveliest this past week with an all-star line-up throwing down and fogging things up for Euphonic Conceptions’ Re:Creation.

Starting off early, Fisk got the crowd’s heads nodding and booties shaking with his fresh glitch-hop wizardry.  Coming correct in a blazer and Nuggets lid, Fisk’s trademark swagger was in full effect as he dropped an energetic and funky set.

Next up, Govinda wowed the crowd with a multi-sensory feast that featured live violin accompaniments and a belly dancer. The dancer’s presence reinforced the worldly feel of Govinda’s sexy ambient beats.  Govinda has been featured on lounge compilations like Buddha Bar II and has played with trip-hop stars Thievery Corporation, evidence of his seasoned world beat pedigree. His blend of “urban psychedelia” and world music makes for a delectably rich performance.

Gaudi’s prolific career as a producer spans three decades and numerous genres.  His act mixes dub, experimental electronic and enough air horns to make you think you were in a Jamaican dancehall.  Accompanied by MC Danny Ladwa, Gaudi brought an incredible energy to the stage, at one point jumping on top of his table in a fabulous spectacle.  It was during Gaudi’s heart-pumping set that the raver rain began to soak the crowd and a jungle vibe gripped the Cervantes’ packed dance floor.

Thoroughly amped by Gaudi’s set, the crowd was primed for a killer closer from Opiuo.  This New Zealand native dishes up a lush soundscape filled with futuristic funk and body-moving beats.  His original, glitchy tracks are infused with just the kind of rockin bass that Denver loves, and you could feel that love as Cervantes pulsed with Opiuo’s sonic manipulations. For a taste Opiuo’s flavor, check out this Ray Charles remix, one of our favorite tracks from last night’s set.

Euphonic Conceptions sure knows how to put together a line-up.  They know how to fill a venue with creation, too!  The balcony and vendor spaces were packed with artists like Dan Yolles, fresh lids from Grassroots California, body-workers, hoopers, clothing racks and even air-brushing!  Get up with Euphonic Conceptions to find out about more of their awesome events in Denver, Boulder and FoCo!


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