Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Fractured Feelings" EP - Fisk *TreeThugger*

For anyone not familiar with the style of glitch-hop, we offer this, our favorite definition of the genre, proffered by Daly City Records Founder and Producer Mochipet:  “Glitch-Hop is like Hip Hop stuck into a blender whipped and then poured over layers of Bass lasagna and topped with a good heaping of Rave Synth Sauce and some 8-bit samples of Chucky Cheese Parmesan” If you listened to Prefuse 73 or Aphex Twin back in the day, you are an OG glitch-hop fan, and maybe you didn’t even know it.   
Glitch –hop is a genre based on an aesthetic of failure.  The sounds of CD skips, system errors and other audio mishaps make up the building block of these beats.  It’s the electronic embodiment of the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  Mid-tempo hip-hop beats, rap, and crunk samples blend with these glitches to get the hybrid which is Glitch-Hop.  Think: bangin old-school boom box and OG Nintendo system had a baby for your aural pleasure.
This genre is poised to leap from the underground and give dubstep a run for its money on the Denver scene, led by Colorado artists like Tree Thugger and international acts like Opiuo, who threw down with TreeThugger, Govinda, and Gaudi recently for Re:Creation at Cervantes. Greg Fisk, aka Tree Thugger produces original glitch-hop tracks that capture different moods, but he always keeps the bass bumping and the heads nodding. The Fractured Feelings EP moves you through a sonic journey that visits beautiful melodic mountaintops and booty shaking bass valleys.
We love Anonymous for taking us on a mystical ride that’s a delicate blend of relaxing and uplifting.  And really,  We're not gonna lie, SubSonic Dart hits just the right key of 90s dance jam for us.  It strikes a chord with girls who used to choreograph dances to En Vogue in the driveway after school. The EP also features remixes by Colorado favorites like Samples, Crushendo, Just Ben, Papa Skunk and ProJect Aspect.  Support Colorado music and get on this release!
TreeThugger's live audio manipulation blends swagger and stutters into an irresistible performance. Follow his movements with the Whomp Truck, which he is involved with. This summer he will be playing at Sonic Bloom and at River Beats at State Bridge (July 27-28) as part of live remix act Fresh2Death, a group known for getting the party live! 

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