Monday, May 21, 2012

Global Dub Festival - Red Rocks

Sub.Mission invited us to enjoy this great event at Red Rocks. And we tagged along for the DUB FUN at RED ROCKS for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Sub.Mission was featured on the main stage and absolutely killed it for the Denver home crowd. Their true grasp on the DUB culture is something we have been following for a year now. They are the reason Denver = Dubstep Capital. 

The Sub.Mission crew opening up the Festival!!!!!!!

To kick things off Dayquil, Coult 45, Dodger, RumbleJunkie, and DirtMonkey crumbled the main stage with intense FILTH, as they all mixed in and out of the set it was the OG's of DENVER DUBSTEP. Crazy to see it live with them all throwing heat to send off the evening. Speakers to the ceiling and endless whomp came outta Sub.Mission's main stage set. You have got to peep these DJ's if you listen, play, or book Dubstep in your area. They are what's next in Denver aka "The Capital of Dubstep"

Downlink threw a terrific set and after he blew out RED ROCKS; he went and played BASSIC Fridays for Sub.Mission. He was followed by Datsik. Who we all know these days is turning heads in the "mainstream" world. Then Doctor P and Flux blew ear drums till the early morning. Flux dropped three new tracks for his first time at Red Rocks and followed the show with a simple line...
"Red Rocks you have changed my life!!"

the scene at the rocks is always LIVE!!!!

Doctor P had some great words to say about the Denver Dubstep Movement (@DenverDubstep) - "I've been all over the world playing music...they all say Red Rocks is magical and different. I'll tell you straight...Their right. This is Dubstep!!!" 

Red Rocks was a flurry of lasers, lights, and laughing as the crowd moved all over the stadium. In our pictures you can see the crowd fill up the stands and in the video you will be able to see the motion of the whomp ocean. From the Beasties to Ben Harper, Led Zep to Zedds Dead, Thievery Corp to the Beatles, they have all played at this holy sanctuary of sound. And now the bass is coming to full growth  - even in a pot full of rocks.

We have pictures coming soon from the event and we know some of you are in them -- Check out SmugMug for our album of GRIME!!!!!

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