Sunday, May 20, 2012

MEANt Clothing - Denver's new line for ladies

MEANt Clothing is a Denver-based brand of practical, fun and funky threads for those chicas meant to create, dance, and live a vibrant life! They are the soul of the female groove. Keeping the streets of Denver wrapped in style and "today's" look.

The ladies of MEANt have been called “the crayola gangsters”, and upon walking into their showroom in the Knew Concious Gallery , one can see why.  Yes, there’s the headdress made from numerous crayons, but there’s also a bevy of spring funky  patterns and bold colors. They're fun like a coloring book.

 I love the Southwestern prints, the luxe fabric choices, and the great attention to details—like coordinating hoods that snap onto the MEANt party dress – “The Whomper”. They make plenty of things that are worth a peek. Swing by and check them out when in Denver.
There’s also the useful bandeau's and the clever “Booty Bs” that, when paired with the whomper and the Dea Blouses, will keep you vibing and vibrate this summer! 

Design Director Talia Sandoval makes accessorizing your look  a breeze with fresh headbands,  infinity scarves, and new totem bags--check out fresh designs on their blog!  
Stop in the showroom to see Talia and Lauren or catch them on the festival circuit, vending their finery at Symbiosis this weekend (May 17-21)  and Wakarusa (May 31- June 3).

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