Monday, May 7, 2012

Nobody Beats The Drum - INTERVIEW


Hunt caught up with a group on the road that is headed to Aspen on 5/29 at the Belly Up. They spoke on the recent current events, the road, and the music. Nobody Beats The Drum was just in SXSW, Ultra Music Festival, and Webster Hall (NYC) and has some great festivals coming up this summer. Most of all, Hunt wanted to get on the street with some DJ's on the road. "They live the perfect Grimey Gatsby life. On the road, in the diners, the after parties, on the stage, and in the hearts of the audience. It's the purest form of 'hard work and grinding' that I have seen," Hunt touched on...."plus their Dutch and we all know what they say about the DUTCH...."

self described as:
"Nobody Beats The Drum are in the front line of Dutch electronic dance music. While Sjam and Jori produce all the music Rogier produces all the video projections. Together, the trio delivers a uniquely unforgettable live audio/visual experience that has brought them high praise from trendsetters such as Kanye West, Vice Magazine and more. To fully appreciate their fusion of breaks, electro, hip-hop and every other form of music that whips a crowd up into a sweaty, writhing heap of body parts, it's best to see NBTD live where the pounding music is enhanced by their one of a kind over-the-top visuals."

Here's some other press on the crew:

Interview Questions:
How has the last year changed your view on "the road"?
nbtd: We still enjoy it a lot! We've been together for quite a while now, and know what to expect. Sometimes that means you don't know what to expect. It's nice to see different parts of the world and be focused on one thing. Life gets simple on the road. Play shows, burn rubber, party, meet people, eat, sleep... you know the rest.
When do you do your best writing?
nbtd: when everyone else is sleeping.
What is your favorite Venue to play?
nbtd: tough one! depends on the conditions too. We'd rather play a small hall with enthusiastic people then a big room with no vibe. Webster Hall NYC was a lot of fun!

What is the your favorite city for food on the road?
nbtd: Any city with a waffle house.
Best collaboration in 2011, and 2012?
nbtd: We don't do many. We like to show what WE got first. That said, we have great respect for the artists dominating and rising within the EDM world, many of whom come from the Netherlands just like us. Expect to see more remixes produced by us soon that will show you some of the other artists we are collaborating with.
Musical Influences?
nbtd: Too many. From Beastie Boys to Beatles, from Daft Punk to Biggie, and from The Cure to Diplo.
Writing Influences?
nbtd: the same as previous question. 
Most Grimey thing done on the road? (one story....)
nbtd: riding jet skis. Thats how grimey we are. (not really grimey)
Largest audience played in 2012?
nbtd: We believe Ultra Music Festival in Miami clocked in at 155,000 people in attendance this year. Extraordinary! We didn't play for ALL of them, but the exposure we received from that audience (and entire music week in Miami) was immense and awesome. 
4 musicians you would like to play with (alive or dead)?
nbtd: MCA, MCA, MCA, MCA (we're so sad he's gone)

*****NOTES FROM HUNT********
- The big dawgs in the music world --- LISTEN TO THESE GUYS
- With a name like "van der ZWAAG" you know the light system is ON POINT
- I have had them in my playlist for the past 3 weeks and 10 people have asked 
about them
- K. West is a fan and drops it at home 
- These cats KNOW and out...without a doubt 
- See ya on the 29th in Aspen for the show --- get a ticket -- 
it's well worth it

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