Wednesday, May 23, 2012

20,000 Whomps Under the Sea - Whomp Truck - Denver

20,000 WHOMPS under the Sea
Whomp Truck

Last week the Whomp Truck and Band Kitty threw down anchor and went 20,000 Whomps Under the Sea at a secret location on Santa Fe.  The all-night party delivered the whomp booty to all those faithful followers who sought it out via social media and a map point. The venue was decked out in a manner that would have made Ariel and Sebastian proud....The Whomp Truck itself was nestled in one corner, looking like a sunken ship, surrounded by speakers, projection screens and giant seaweed.  Lanterns dangled like bubbles and fish adorned the walls. Props to Paulo Wellman on the decor. The warehouse  featured 2 projection screens and an entire back wall displaying visuals & projections from Audio Visual Violence Club.


Whomp Truck's whole crew stepped out for this event, providing a full night of music from 10pm till 5 o'something the next morning!  Fisk opened the evening, setting the beat with his funky fresh glitch hop (read our review of Fisk's latest EP here). Next up was  Noah Deep who, true to his name, kept us deep in the sea of bass-heavy crunk.  Add that glitchy grime and you've got one dirty set. Whomp Truck founder Just Ben teamed up with  glitch and break pioneer Citrus to become Broseidon for the evening.  Bro-ed out and accessorized to the hilt, these two pushed each other's performances and delivered  a solid and dance-friendly set.

GG Fam's own Coult-45 brought things all the way down to where the whomp whales roam and dropped the last scallywags off the plank. Fresh off of Friday's Global Dub Festival at Red Rocks, Coulter still came correct and dropped the DubStep set for the night, delivering his trademark rumbling bass and dirty drops.

Best costume, in our opinion, goes to Alert, as Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh.  Sampling dialogue from this British cult comedy hit, Alert had the best integration of the theme....not to mention how things got wild during Alert's a live performance several woman (mostly nude) climbed into an inflated balloon and danced amongst confetti.  Broads in bubbles, that's a new one for us!

The evening featured artistic mastery on the decks, on the dance floor, and in other mediums. A demo from one  painter, as well as art vendors added their flows to the ocean of creativity. In addition to a chill-out dome, plenty of partiers found their way under "The Wishing Willow of Light", a towering edifice decked out with dangling green LEDS that blink in different variations. Massage by donation also gave attendees a chance to bliss out. 

Ishe wrapped up the night with an energetic house set that felt very euro. That scandavian vibe was just the thing for that  sunrise dance, though.  The night was a success, raising funds for upgrades to the Whomp Truck. They continue to bring ya the booty-shakin beats come hell or high water!

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