Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reborn in Summer - The GG Guide

By: Coco Gatsby
Summer's Guide for "not hating it"

The summer brings along many new things from it's depth's. You have spring cleaning and then you have "thrift runs" and garage sales. We say good bye to old man winter and hello to the sexy summer sirens. The flesh comes out with fashion, fun, & events. The colors swatches switch from burgundy, beige, and bland to flashes of neon, pastel, and crayola to fill the streets with new light.

Your temple is the same way. We have to cleanse the temple just as we cleanse our home. Living Greens is a great way to get that health going in the right direction. They offer many different selections in the "cleanse." Something we strongly urge you to take a look. Tata Harper is another great way to keep your temple happy without all the extra chemicals. 100% natural beauty care from a real loving hippie. We keep our temple happy with a "green"'s better than using a car and keeps your legs & butt tight for the swimsuit summer ahead. Beatrice Holiday can help with your bike and it's fashion ;). She has upcycled jewelry, bike accessories, and great events for the bikey's out there.

All in all, you have to keep the mind, body, and soul happy within this world of ever constant change. And all that stress and labor of a single day can leave you drained. Yoga, walking in the park, Tia Chi, and running will all help eliminate the weight on your shoulders. Sometimes you need a night away from the bright lights and pretty things. And don't forget the water!!! Water will help during anything you do. Give your body what it needs and cut out the intake of sugars and salts with the gigantic selection of "Notgoodforyouaide."

Keep your food RAW and FROM THE FARM for best results in your diet. The Farmers would love for you to stop by and purchase from them instead of Walmart, Corporate Grocery Chains, and WholeFoods (aka MonsantoFoods). You can increase the vitality of your food by BUYING FROM the SOURCE....not a MIDDLE MAN. The more raw food you can eat this summer....the more your mind, body, and soul will SMILE. Your health will be abundantly wealthy with these tips for success.

And please, please, please....shield those tattoos from the SUN. Since we are experiencing climate changes like never before, make sure those colors stay for a while. SPF 50 is recommended but anything over 35 SPF will help to keep that ink lively and colorful.

Toss an extra cell phone charger in that purse of yours; If your an "on the go" woman like me, you'll need this little electricity fiend daily. It will help keep the "oh shit I'm about to run out of battery" line at bay during your daily routine.

And we cannot forget SUNGLASSES....You will need at least 4 pairs for the summer to keep the wardrobes accessorized properly. We recommend Venice Beach, Chinatown NYC, or your local skate shop for 2 pairs of the "throw away" variety. Something plastic, fun, and cheap to keep the days light and the night's right. We have a great place to get these with Alex Reyes (Aspen) when we need new ones. Color, style, and price are always our factors. Also grab a pair of "dress shades" for the summer events (weddings, concerts, re-unions, BBQ's, and etc). This pair will be your "style standard" for the summer. Make sure to find something enjoyable and fashionable -- here are some brands if you do not understand:
Sabre Sunglasses
Dolce & Gabanna
Sunglass Hut
Stunner of the Month

Last but not least....
PLAY PLAY PLAY with the colors in your wardrobe, the drinks at the bar, the people at the park, the concerts to see, and the places to be. THE MORE YOU PLAY THE BETTER YOU WILL FEEL!!!!
Thanks for taking a second to Keep it Gatsby....Spread the Grime for me and I'll see you all in the streets, at the gala's, and in line waiting for coffee ;)


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