Sunday, November 27, 2011

Art Show - Jason Earz - Aspen culture with GG

Jason EARZ Art Show - Radio Boardshop, Aspen

Last night in Aspen, we had a gorgeous art show put on by Jason EARZ. His art is simplistic in message but vast in application. You can contact him here to commission a piece or purchase one you see. The show had different sizes with great insight into his view on today's world. Sales were flowing around the room filled with music by Berkle Beats (a local DJ with the sound to hear!!!). The event roared all night with the fireworks from Ajax Mtn. in the background. Locals, fans, family, friends, and industry folks all gathered to see the new art of Aspen. It was a energetic evening of culture, creativity, and connections. Thanks Jason!!!!

Bike - simple and great color scheme......

Rainbow Unicorn - Elegant and Mysterious 

Shades - pouring out color into the world we see.....

Spread the Grime!!!!!

Use your bike!!!! - smaller size than above piece  

** Pabst Blue Ribbon Logo & Black Skull pieces are not pictured - Contact Jason to see these pieces**

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