Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Wardrobe Tips from Coco Gatsby.....

By: Coco Gatsby

Keeping your wardrobe Gatsby this winter is something we all need. There are easy ways to keep your legs looking lavish, your face looking fantastic, and heads turning everywhere you play. Enjoy these simple tips for the Holiday' find a new man, keep the current one, or make the old one "jelly" with your Closet of Gatsby!!!!

Be sure to always have: 
a classy pair of long black pants (hanging and pressed) 
a blazer 
a simple black dress 
a fitted men's white T 
your favorite blue jeans 
costume jewelry 
these will always make people gush over you.
A girl is never too far from her black or pinstriped blazer!! Rock jeans with it and turn heads. Wear it over your favorite dress and set your own trend. 

For days that you feel more grimey, rock black tights with your favorite white men's T-shirt and never forget your Black Wayfarer Raybans.
On your nails wear something that pops, OPI gives you lots of choices that can set you apart from everyone else (HOT TREND - 4 nails one color; 1 nail a different color).
Mix and Match these pieces together for more styles!!!! Try a sparkly shirt under your blazer or a purse that BLINGS. Wear it during the day or evening; wear it whenever you feel like it's needed.
Dress up any of your outfits with a Gatsby set of red, blue, or silver heels coupled with some of your favorite accessories for a extravagant look.
Have fun with your wardrobe, be yourself & set yourself apart. You deserve to look and feel Gatsby. It's something that I do daily.......try it and enjoy!!!!!!!

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