Monday, November 21, 2011

The Winter of Gatsby - OPENING WEEK!!!!

Since we started, we have built up quite the following of "shred heads." We get emails about the mountains to hit, where's the pow, and when's the next storm. We have Grimey's at every park sliding rails, hucking 720's, and tossing the hottest new tricks this winter. We will have some back country features coming your way from Pro's around the snow globe, but first we have to get through OPENING WEEK!!!!! Where are the gurlies ripping and riding this winter??? 

And please.......KEEP'EM COMING!!!!!

(Thanks Derrin)

(Hunt out in the PowPow)

(Thanks Saga)

(Thanks A. Hooper)

(Thanks Derrin....again)

(Thanks Twizz)

(Another A. Hooper masterpiece)

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