Friday, November 25, 2011

Tata Harper - 100% Natural Gatsby of Gorgeous......

By: Coco Gatsby
The visionary......The leader

We had some VIG (Very Important Gatsby's) drop us a "heads up" about this brand of true amazement. Tata Harper is changing the world of Health, Skin Care, and Women. After our research on this beauty, we realized that she is everything we heard and more. She started a 100% natural farm that manufacturers her recipes for unbelievable products and are completely harmless to the body and the earth. This is a real Gatsby in the flesh. She over-sees the entire process from seed to sale. Her story is great and her brand is limitless. 

"For the past five years, I have literally traveled the world on a grand adventure that has taken me to unexpected places and allowed me to meet extraordinary people. I have hopped on planes with a moment’s notice to meet with world-renowned botanists, chemists, and experts in related fields, always searching for solutions.  My quest has taken me to ancient-walled laboratories in European castles, to English lavender fields that stretched out like a sea of purple and white and to the verdant green valleys of Vermont. My goal remained simple enough: to create a unique skincare line that really works. Because I was trained as an engineer, I was able to understand the science behind the kinds of effective formulations I wanted to create. The challenge was harnessing the specific plants and extracts that provided skin rejuvenation, hydration, radiance, vitality, elasticity, and more."

TH Labs.....

Her quest has landed her on a farm in Vermont. Seems that her goal is attained and now her brand is going to explode. If you haven't hear of are now fortunate enough to. Check out the website and see which products are best for you. 

"TATA HARPER is now headquartered on a 1,200 acre farm in the spectacular Champlain Valley of Vermont.  We fell in love with this farm and the authentic lifestyle it offers; we are inspired by its beauty and by being in the heart of the organic farming belt!  In Vermont, we oversee all aspects of production and manufacturing and continue to source many of the essential ingredients that grow so well in the clay soil of Lake Champlain. The remaining 80 percent of our premium ingredients are sourced from farms I have found on my adventures around the world, including farms in the Amazon, Israel, The Czech Republic, The U.K., France, Tasmania, and New Zealand."

Tata in the field....purest form of beauty

Thanks to Tata Harper 


  1. This has us blushing! Thank you for embracing Tata's adventure to bring 100% natural and safe cosmetics to the masses! It's scary to think about what's in conventional beauty products... Great blog, we're fans!

  2. We heart real people and real values.......Grimey Gatsby is saying "TATA" to old beauty and HELLO HARPER!!!!!