Thursday, November 17, 2011

Society - Fashion - The Gatsby's new look.....

If you've seen a hip hop, dubstep, or rap video in the past year, chances are, you've seen Society. Their underground approach to the hottest acts in the country speaks to their great style, simplistic views, and "keeping it 100." They started their movement in LA and have never looked back. Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous, Gilbere Forte', and many other peeps are "rocking the bike."

From hats to hoodies, shirts to sweats, and jackets to accessories, Society is the brand to cop, rock, and #swaaaaggggg for today's Gatsby. We enjoy their colorful play in patterns, easy to identify logos, and their great eye on fashion today. Take a look at some of their gear here.  The Grimey will enjoy their stand on transportation (GET A BIKE!!!) and their "no qualms" attitude with their work. They work hard, morning and night, to keep the streets what they are and what they "need" to be. 

● Independently owned company
 ● Built hard in LOS ANGELES
● Keeping it 100 Since MMIX
● Long Days and Sleepless Nights
● Strive towards success
● Quality over Quantity

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