Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mtv - The old skool videos from GG

There was a time when Television played music videos. Yup, thats right, back when GI Joes were figurines, Barbie wasn't something that "real girls had to become with plastic," and station wagons weren't that bad.  Today, you don't see one unless you find it on YouTube.....WTF???? Grimey Gatsby has decided this is not culturally sound aka LAME. So we have some videos for your Thursday "Damn, I wish I was rocking out somewhere" blues.......

usually played in the office once a day

Sir Michael Rocks showing you the swagg

If you dont know the boys.....Tomorrow's Bad Seeds

Put your hands together.....

Playing in Denver Nov. 18/19 and Belly Up, Aspen

"I want my Mtv.............back"

Playing in Denver - Tonight!!!

Playing in Charlotte on Nov. 5th

beautiful dub, glitch, and techno

Can't forget the Queen

The flyest stepkids in the game.....

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