Tuesday, January 1, 2013

String Cheese Incident - NYE review - Denver

The String Cheese Incident

The String Cheese Incident is made up of six band members all from Boulder and the surrounding areas. The members are Keith Moseley, Michael Travis, Kyle Hollingsworth, Jason Hann, Michael Kang, and Billy Nershi. Born in 1993, the band has emerged as one of America’s most significant independent bands. The String Cheese Incident played three nights in Broomfield for New Years.

The band played at the 1st Bank Center, calling it their “Hometown, Throw Down.” SCI opened night one with “Sometimes a River” and from the first song the band never looked backed. They finished the first set with other classics such as “Born on the Wrong Planet” and “Black Clouds”. The second set was just as epic playing “Rollover,” “Jellyfish,” and “Sirens” encored with “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms.” String Cheese put on a phenomenal performance that will never be forgotten. The 1st Bank Center was decorated for the occasion with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, amazing LED lights on stage and an all-around excellent atmosphere.

 SCI on Facebook

String Cheese Incident brought love and happiness to the people in Broomfield Saturday night. People from all over the world flew into Colorado this week for the shows.  Be sure to check out the String Cheese Incident on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.


  1. Did the Grimey Gatsby get any coverage on NYE. Rue would love photo's of her up on stilts if you did! ~Keep it Grimey~

  2. We weren't able to secure a photo pass for SCI but we did take pics at Decadence that are coming soon!!!

  3. I went to Umphreys for new years but the videos my friends have from cheese are unreal. I not the biggest cheese fan but they always put on hell of a show. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.