Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Gatsby

Jay Gatsby is the main character in the Jazz Era classic "The Great Gatsby." Gatsby is known for parties that go on for up to a month, hot Jazz and cold champagne, women as demanding and exotic and "hothouse flowers," and the lives of "too much, too soon." His opulent demeanor and elegant tastes are truly second to none. He has closets of custom made suits and custom cut linens. His endless army of cars were polished daily. He had fresh flowers monthly brought to his Palace in the Hampton's. Saddle shoes and top siders for the yatch and parties by the water. His uninvolved approach to fashion, women, and parties is the best trait of the Gatsby. He subtle attitude and solid fashion are enough. He is elegantly removed from the culture around him. He is alone in his kingdom.

The Jazz era of the 20's and 30's were the epitome of hierarchy in our country. The lavish habits of the super wealthy are still talked about to this day. Gatsby and his extravagant nature are just the looking glass into a time of Zeppelins, the World's Fair, and decedent living.

He is the pocket square in your suit. He is the cuff link in your shirt. He is the diamond in your brooch. He is high class, a baller, a player, a whale, a gentleman, a scholar, and most of all
he is the Gatsby!!

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