Friday, July 29, 2011

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds - Music - Listen to the Tribe!!!!!!

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds (TBS) opened for the Wailers on their "Exodus" tour in 2009. I met the tribe in Aspen at the Belly up after their show. We exchanged some stories from Cali and Hawaii and then started to figure out that we came from the same area. Needless to say, the tribe stayed at our house and we all enjoyed the evening of festivities. They have been on tour ever since. Warped Tour '09,'10, and '11. They were just recently on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show.

Their first CD "Early Prayers" was a great collection of reggae and soft rock. I would put them with Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Citizen Cope, and Rebelution (if you are looking for "liked" sounds). Their new release, "Sacred for Sale" is nothing short of the first CD. Great vocals and truly inspiring lyrics along with the great sound of the tribe. Check out "Change" if you want a Sublime infused track. Their music is soft and influencing to hardcore punk out. They have something for everyone in their bag of tricks. If you like the lyrics of Jack Johnson, the sound of Sublime, and the heat of the beach............Tomorrow's Bad Seeds are what you need to hear.

Try them on a Thursday afternoon or a Tuesday morning............they'll make it to you weekend playlist I promise.

Always Gatsby and Sometimes Grimey

Moi, the voice of TBS

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