Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jordan - new fashion with a solid name

The Jordan brand is the upper echelon of casual street fashion. Style after the man himself, Michael Jordan, it has continually sold millions of shoes, shirts, hats, jackets, socks, and accessories. The brand as transcended anything that Nike could have ever imagined possible with a young basketball player that was dominating his game.

The Ladies Jordan Boot

The Jordan brand continues to change its fabric and design appearance with every season. This season's over sized logo shirt is by far one of the best accesorizable pieces out there. The New Era caps and the shoes from the brand all match color swatches. You can find it in numerous color combinations. Truly a smart selection for the avid street Gatsby. Keep it fresh and new...but most of all keep it smooth and consistent.E

The shoes are timeless. I still have a pair of Olympic XVI that are still in the box. The soles have turned light beige and the paper in the box doesn't make much noise anymore. They are still Grimey and Gatsby. The original XI's are some of the most proper shoes on the planet. Even the Spikez are reproduced now for the a new generation of "free speakers and sneakers."

Everyone knows the Jordan brand, right?

But not everyone knows they have a casual line of shoes for the mature baller. The Grown V.2 is a comfortable Jordan that can sneak past the bouncers at clubs. They are subtle yet expressive. They are creative yet stylish. Smooth and Gatsby.

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