Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alife - Forever Classy Forever Street Forever Grimey

Alife is a brand that I have been kicking around on my feet since the mid 90's. They brand is solid as the concrete streets they rep. Their hardcore hip-hop, rap, skate, and all over aspect the city stoop can bring your way. The shoes are as fly as the Jordans that innovated them. They have collaborated with Clarks, Reebok, and G-Shock. They colors and creativity exudes total Street Gatsby. They musical influences of the Wu are truly to the core. I have never missed a second to stop by their shop in New York. Its always worth the cab trip to see what's inside and who's inside.

I have the Gucci edition Alifes and have kept them in the weekly rotation because of their rugged look, durable wares, and most of all the fly touch of the Alife. You need to keep up with the crew. They are current as the New York Times and as filthy as the sewers. Always keeping a touch of Gatsby around. Their accessories are top shelf. Their hats are legend in the skate world.

Their line breathes individual statement along with subtle humour. They are the kids on the corner. They are the people that stand out on the sidewalk. They are the Alife.

The Alife is Gatsby and Gatsby is the Alife

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