Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Time in Cali..............

By: JR

          I have done a lot of traveling in my 30 yrs on this planet and seen a lot of amazing places.Unfortunatly due to a little speed bump (Las Vegas) I have never made it to LA, until this past weekend. I came in with all kinds of things in my head about what this place would bring and what I should expect, needless to say, this place was everything I could hoped for and more.

    I started out flying in to LAX around 6pm Friday night. Within 20 mins of getting off the plane and on to the 405 I knew first hand what LA traffic was all about. If you think you have seen traffic and never been to LA then I laugh at you....come test your luck. We stayed at our partners spot in Hollywood right off of Sunset and across the street from were they filmed Nightmare On Elm Street. The first night out in Hollywood was everything I thought it would be bouncing from spot to spot in a "Swingers" style, switching it up when each place was "Dead anyways." We started off at The Surely Goat with the cast of TMZ for an afterwork event. It never hurts getting in with the cats that are first to know everything. The next spot we hit was the world famous Bar Marmont in the Chateau Marmont Hotel. This was as Gatsby as it could be. It reeked of old hollywood and had that feel that it was something special. Next it was across the street to The Den, we checked this place which was real cool indoor/outdoor bar. Finally around 1230am, we checked out the diner at The Standard Hotel this place was as chic as you will find in Hollywood (also see their hotels in downtown LA, Miami Beach, and New York). We finished off the night at an after party at the home of DJ Ryan Kenny who was spinning some ill tracks and keeping the party going till the early morn.    

The Spot for the 1st Night!

The Morning after -101 Coffee Shop

    Saturday started with a nice little surprise from my boys. We went to go grab some breakfast to help with a good hangover, they waited till we got in the 101 Coffee Shop to tell me that it was were Swingers was filmed. Swingers happens to be one my favorite movies and I have been quoting it all weekend to the point of excess. The spot is located in what I would have to assume is the most famous Best Western ever. It had pictures galore of the legends who had stayed, everyone from Lucille Ball - Kurt Douglas - Angelina Jolie. Next it was back to the spot to "Do what it do." Then we went to a meeting at the luxurious Mondrian Hotel on Sunset at Sky Bar.  It was amazing and had an incredible view of the LA Skyline. The evening then kicked off at a place called "Harvard and Stone" this was a gigantic bar with a three piece band playing "Rockabilly" tunes. They had a great burlesque show and the dancer was literally swinging from the rafters. The setting was very 1950's with fantastically grimey lighting and fixtures. Next was off to another late night dinner at Jones - Hollywood. This was an Italian restaurant/Bar with great food. Their establishment has been host to Alice in Chains, The Stones, and other famous bands like STP, Radiohead, and the list goes on and on like the line out the door. That was the end for the night.

The Sky Bar - Mondrian Hotel


    Sunday was full of meetings. We finished the evening off with a sunset hike in Runyon Canyon. LA has been so exciting so far and there is still so much for us this week. Check back at the end of the week for the Final recap


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