Sunday, October 21, 2012

BodyPainting - trends from the Gatsby's eye

You may have seen this image making the rounds on the Internet. A smashed up car, that upon closer inspection is  made up of painted human bodies. Acclaimed Australian body painter, Emma Hack, (who painted Gotye in his "Somebody That I Used to Know" video) painted 12 men and five women and sculpted over the course of 18 hours. Grimey Gatsby digs the precision, creativity and innovation of body painters who are pushing the limits.  Not to mention the yogic capacities of those models!  Inspired by the Car Crash image (which keeps popping up on social media and blogs), we've gathered a few examples of other talented artists taking body painting to the next level.  Feast your eyes on these magnificent works and stunningly composed photos...

More Emma Hack

Trina Merry, with the i.d.e.a. agency, painted models into slick street bikes and classic rides for the International Motorcyclye Shows

 More Trina Merry

Guido Daniele is  an established Italian artist  who began painting hands in the early 90s.  He created the 2009 AT&T ad campaign  that featured landmarks, animals and cultural images  representing AT&T's global coverage. Check out his "hand"diwork....

More Guido Daniele

Craig Tracy from New Orleans, is a body painting visionary.  His gorgeous photographs, with painted backdrops and carefully composed bodies,  really stir emotions. Tracy admits that after 20 years painting, the human body is now his favorite canvas.

More Craig Tracy

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