Friday, October 26, 2012

Jason Lauve - Hemp's Industrial Man!!!!

Jason Lauve
The architect of Industrial Hemp

Jason Lauve

Bill HB12-1099 is the piece of government that we are going to talk about. It was passed...and now that means that Colorado has the ability to produce industrial hemp. The first crop will be coming down shortly. Yes, there is a crop of industrial hemp growing in Colorado...and it's legal. And most of all, it's about the change the entire world and it's view on sustainability. 

Imagine that we could make plastics, feed our livestock, filter water, build houses, and make clothes all out of the SAME plant.....seems to good to be true according to the American Government. But now in Colorado...we are going to start to do that very thing - Research and Implement Industrial Hemp!!!! 

It can be used for many things....why can't we grow it again?

Jason has been the figurehead at the front of the march. He wrote the Industrial Hemp Remediation Program Act for Colorado. He is traveling to Canada (Nov. 4th-11th) and California (Nov. 12) to speak about his Remediation Program and the Colorado future of Hemp. This is a huge piece of the puzzle to get "outside eyes" on our program and to get people to rally behind the act. Once we, the consumers, start to make a conscience decision to buy sustainable, organic, and USA made hemp products we will see the cost of many things decrease. We now pay for shipping of many items that we can manufacturer domestically now with industrial Hemp. Imagine an IKEA store...that was grown, made, and sold in the you can see the potential we are talking about with HEMP!!!!

Jason & Hunt at the Hoodlab in Denver
Hunt, our president, caught up with Jason at Hoodlab in Denver for a fundraiser. Jason is collecting money to help with his travels to Canada and California for this lectures. He is a keynote speaker at the Canada Hemp Trade Alliance (CHIA) this year in Edmonton. He is also going to speak at the Hemp Industry Association (HIA) conference this year in California.

In 1929 this picture was taken in the USA of a hemp grower.

"The biggest issue that we face is the lack on knowledge & data. We need to research the plant and all of it's uses before we start to implement "how" and "what" we are going to do. If you don't know what it can do or how we can do it....then we have potential that is not going to be optimized. This plant can change the world and it's ability to aid in an industry is unlike anything humans have made.....since we eradicated the plant a while back." -Jason Lauve on the future of hemp....

Before and after harvesting a hemp field

The regentrification of Mother Nature is the focus. We removed this plant from our country-side years ago. Now, we realize that this plant is the piece of the puzzle for sustainability, organic, and soil stabilization. Hemp not only gives us what we need but it can also "take out" what we don't need --- research the Chernobyl project with Hemp plants if you need more data. 

Hemp 2x4's are 2.5 times stronger than lumber. They are rot-resistant, fire resistant, and pest resistant.
Also we can produce more hemp than trees in a short grow cycle with geographical territory. This means, in simple terms, we can grow more hemp with less area than trees. And just imagine all the jobs that will come from this new industry.....

Spread the Grime & Keep it Gatsby
Get educated on Hemp, get ready for the evolution, and start to make conscience decisions about who & what you are supporting.....

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