Saturday, October 20, 2012 - Grimey Humor

In the tradition of and  FML comes the next great Internet site of shame: But this isn't the kind of shame that makes you laugh because it's silly.  It makes you laugh and then feel pretty bad because whoever submitted it...was dead serious.

This site feeds on the insecurities of girls, and the magic of the screenshot, under the pretenses of  facilitating  communication.  Girls explain a little back story of the situation, then deliver the exchange that went down.  Then site members can vote if "He's Into You", "He's Not Into You" or "The Verdict's Still Out".  It's basically digital platform of sharing and analysis that girlfriends turn to when exasperated by communication with their menfolk.  But seriously, if a guys texts you this.... you really need someone to decode it?

Where as TFLN and FML are humor sites and people make submissions knowing just how rediculous they look, many of the girls submitting to HeTexted are genuinely hoping for some answers to their romantic queries.  Which makes reading the submissions all the more funny, and all the more sad.  A great majority of the posts start with the intro "we hooked up at a party..." or "we went home from the bar". I hate to break it to you ladies, but before you go any further I would venture a guess about whether or not he's "into you" in the relationship sense.  Oh, and if he's in your phone as "Do NOT Text", why are you even bothering to ask?

There is some entertainment value to this site.  Really, if you want to feel like a better human being, I would invite you to check this out (though it might depress you about the future of our society, as many of the people on the site appear to be high school kids).  If you're really wondering about what's up with that guy you met, though, here's an idea:  talk to a real life friend. Or better to dude!

....Run for the hills

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