Monday, October 8, 2012

Evo Hemp Bars -- The Health of the Gatsby at your disposal...

We met Jourdan at the Hoodlab this past weekend while checking out the HoodLamb clothing line. His hemp bars are fantastic and we decided to give a product review from the samples that he graciously dropped our way. In Boulder, they live their life healthy and outside. This bar is an accessory to the lifestyle but also a way for you to stay in shape, help the environment, and make sure you are getting what you need from your diet. We tried all four flavors and the cherry came out on top but the other three are nothing short of delectable. They use the hemp seed oil to energize and revitalize your temple (body). This product is part of our Green Gatsby movement to inform the audience about the ways we can use new products for our own health and wealth. All the bars are gluten free, soy free, USDA organic, and 100% you know what to grab next time you need that:

"Something healthy that tastes good but won't kill my day and will keep me moving...."

Their Mission:
"Supply the world with hemp seed rich foods that provide people all the essential nutrients needed to live a happy and healthy life. Protect the rights of the planet and it's inhabitants."

The Pineapple Almond:
Taste 8/10
Texture 8/10

The Cherry Walnut:
Taste 9/10
Texture 8/10

The Mango Macadamia:
Taste 8/10
Texture 9/10

The Cashew Cocoa:
Taste 8/10
Texture 9/10

Test Group:
4 different people from the GGFam were involved in tasting and reviewing the product from a 1/4 of each bar on site to taking one of them home to see how it does "packed in their lunch." Different lifestyles and genders were used to have different aspects of life "on the go" to see how the bar was able to adapt to the "no break" style of life. 

"The bars were fine in my purse for the entire day and were a great snack from the office to the gym. I will be watching out for where I can get more of the Evo Hemp bars for sure."

"I was happy to feel some what filled from two of the bars on my busy lunchbreak. Some water and some carrots and I had myself an easy I got my laundry, went tanning, and kept my hair perfect. Love it!!"

"I gave part of it to my son to see if he would enjoy it. He loved the taste and said to pack it in his lunch anytime. He's in high school and "on the go" most of the day so this allows me to know he is eating well and he knows he will like it." 

"Evo hemp is a health food company that utilizes the incredible power of the hemp seeds with their essential oils, protein, flavanols, and minerals to give your healthy body what it needs. It's superfood, evolved."

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