Monday, October 1, 2012

Circle of Corduroy - Derrin Carelli - NESPA

Derrin Carelli, DOP, is part of the GGFam. This past week he entered into the NESPA Awards in Aspen and brought home the 3rd place and, infamous, "Crowd Favorite." Derrin has been working on Ajax mountain for a while now (Our President Hunt used to run a cat with him back in the day). And now he is showing the world more and more of his talent with Video. He edited the "Slow and Low" video for Ishe & DirtMonkey that we directed earlier this year. 

"Circle of Corduroy" is an ode to the life....the circle of "groom." From sun up to sun down the Sno Cat operators around the world are making the slopes clean for the next day. An afternoon and grave shift are used to cover this massive mountain.....Derrin, Pat, and the rest of the crew are working last chair to first chair...with a lil perk in there for being at the top of the mountain before the chairs start to spin.

Thank your local snow cat'll be thankful you did!!!

From Derrin:
"I believe I have the most beautiful job in the world! The Aspen mountain snowcats team operate really cool machines on a really beautiful mountain. With that belief came the idea for my film. My goals were to tell the Aspen mountain snowcats story, and show the beauty we operators get to see on a daily basis all while giving the film that "local Aspen" feeling. The filming style I choose to capture my film was timelapse photography. I have become fascinated with this style of photography in recent years, but after watching countless videos online I felt no one was using this photography style to tell a story. So I set out to do something I had not seen before. I set up my camera night after night, day after day, for an entire season and captured the Aspen mountain snowcats story. I will take you on a journey through an entire snowcat shift. Starting with the swing shift that starts as soon as the last skier is down, and ending with the eerie graveyard shift. I want to share with the world the amazing things we see on any given shift. This is... Circle of Corduroy. Enjoy!"

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