Friday, October 5, 2012

Steryotype Clothing - Welcome to the Gatsby!!!

Stepping in from the cold drizzling night lurking over the Gateway to the West. I find a corner table in full view of what seems to be a very popular dart board. Echoing slightly above the tunes jamming in the bar is the occasional crashing of pins, I was surprised to find myself reminiscing in. It seemed like ages since I'd stepped into a class act bowling alley of this magnitude. Shortly into my drink I see my appointment right on time and bearing gifts with a smirk that later proved to match mine after the unavailing of said product! Will Massanet, Lead Creative/Illustration/Design and Branding with Promoter, Public Relations, and Booker J.D. Dillon make up Steryotype Clothing. In other words the hood of the King was opened and I was getting right into the grime. Although I personally have known Will since my early years gripping decks and educating the next generation of rippers at the local shop, I had only really entered the snakes perimeters as far as Steryotype is concerned as a brand.

The overall terror that snakes have become in society through the evil, distrustful, and vile literature descriptions embodied a perfect "steryotype" to mark what they we're all about. Sort of a F#*k you to the ones that truly embody that kind of life. These tales brought me right to the past visions of an arsenal of half cobra heads dated 11/11/11 surrounding the city of St.Louis counting down to what I only assumed at the time was a "stereotypical" Cult master leading his flock to "The Serpent's" strike. The similarities in venomous fangs and the 11's were all too eerie to be just another new brand release. Little did I know I was recruiting myself in before the kool-aid was even offered. When the date arrived I had to have a piece of the King Cobra! Releasing two designs that embark the full essence of Steryotype Clothing. From local shows to "The Party" at the OZ, Steryotype has been devouring all the nocturnal party monsters in their path ever since. As the meeting closed with a "traditional" Irish Breakfast between us and the gracious bar tender. My jaw dropped as I held out the yet to be released collaboration piece with That Junk clothing. The back of the well fit left pocket tee said it all "Quit Bitin", "Start Ridin". A true King's message while in this den of snakes even the Grimiest Steryotypes can be proven to be all too Gatsby...

Hunt has been seen in Denver in this piece of chillness

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