Monday, October 15, 2012

Ink Monstr's 2nd Annual Sticky Situation

Ink Monstr

Denver's premier print house, Ink Monstr, held their Second Annual Sticky Situation sticker art show on October 12th.  The show featured work by ten Denver artists, including the company's summer contest winners Grant Wallich and Drew Labarge.  All works were displayed as large scale  "brick wrap" stickers.  

The first place design by Nick Hughes was, appropriately enough, an ink monster...a giant octopus artist which had deftly removed the bikini top of a brunette babe with one of his tentacles (the others held an xacto knife, pots of paint and a torch).  The scope of style represented was impressive, with everything from cubism to cartoons. Gatsby loved Drew LaBarge's contest winning zombie in a Native American headdress.   Gatsby also admired the innovative method of display.  It's a great move by Ink Monstr, showcasing designs as street art and offering all works as posters, prints mounted on gatorboard or canvas prints.

Ink Monstr,  host of this summer's Poolside Series, knows how to throw a party, and this affair was no different. Biker Jim's supplied gourmet dogs, bartenders kept the drinks flowing, and the tee shirt press was hot all night.  If you're looking for great events full of creative people and great atmosphere, keep your eyes peeled for the next shindig Ink Monstr throws down.

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