Monday, October 22, 2012

Green Gatsby for a Grimey Halloween

Think green this Halloween! From the decor to the Grimey costumes you can use your waste to make for a very Gatsby Halloween. A unique Booze Viking is always Gatsby at any party and who doesn't have a bunch of beer and booze boxes stuffed into a bin this time of year? Even for the kids out trick or treating a few plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and some old boxes can build for an adorable eco-friendly  costume. Which may even win over the bigger handfuls of candy from the neighbors. Sure we all love carving pumpkins, but this year maybe add in a few milk jugs or old wine bottles that can look just as Gatsby. How ever you do this Halloween - collect your Grime and Keep it Gatsby. And if you keep it Green Gatsby this season, you know we'll wanna be apart!

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