Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HHL x GRC Collaboration - Sustainable Grime

Hemp Hoodlamb

The new Hemp Hoodlamb and Grassroots California jacket and hat collaboration is a first for both companies, but a logical fit for these industry leaders known for their commitment to pushing design and material standards.  In keeping with Grassroots Limited Edition design model, only 210 of each color way was made of the jacket. Both black and brown jackets come with a matching snapback hat in the same hemp material. Fitted versions of the hat are available as well. The durable hemp is balanced by a delicate embroidered motif which is mirrored across the tail of the coat and the back of the fitted camp.  The hat features a simple design on the front, with a brown GRC Bear and a single red leaf, much like the classic hat that started the brand.

 Green Gatsby is all over the hemp movement...we're championing industrial hemp and partnering with businesses like Evo Hemp Bars andHemp Hoodlamb. Whether it's food, fuel, fiber or medicine GG knows Cannabis Sativa is an over-looked solution to many of our society's dilemmas.   You can show your support for industrial hemp (and stay wicked warm) by snapping up this jacket-hat combo from two of the heaviest hitters in this movement. 

Hoodlamb's jackets, like GRC's hats, feature all the pockets you need. Tucked in that luxurious faux fur lining --which is made of hemp and recycled plastic bottles--there is a rolling paper dispenser, a music device or cell pocket, and other hidden gems.  The softness of the lining balances the rugged exterior.  Make no mistakes though, the shell of the jacket is finely finished, with a specially developed environmentally friendly cellulose weatherproof coating.  Your HHL x GRC jacket is bound to be a classic, and a long-term closet staple, as these things are built to last. 

If you're in Denver, you're gonna wanna head down to 2209 Larimer swoop one of these jackets pronto, before that cold weather sets in for good.  While you're down there, you can walk a few blocks down to the You can order online  HERE too. Only a limited number were made and you know they're gonna go fast so you'd better get on it quick! 

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