Monday, October 22, 2012

Have a Grimey Halloween- Ray Villafane

Have a Grimey Halloween!

Born in Queens NY Ray Villafane has been no stranger to the arts at a very young age. After watching in on a colleague sculpting for Disney, Ray new just the art he was born to do. His sculpting gained recognition to his name, but it wasn't until his "new level" pumpkin carving in 2007. That truly brought on the Vallafane and Villafane Studios name. When High Noon Entertainment contacted Ray to participate in the Food Network's challenge show "Outrageous Pumpkin". It was here that Ray swept all three rounds and claimed the Grand Prize, also noting the episode reached the highest ratings of any episode. He was able to defend his title in 2008 and even won Grand Prize yet again in 2010. You have now seen him all over, from the White House October 2010 and the New York City Botanical Gardens in 2011. Definitely taking the Halloween grimey traditions to all new Gatsby highs.

 Villafane Studios

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