Friday, October 26, 2012

Denver Hash Review - Who's the best in the 303?

Denver Hash Off
Welcome to Dabcity - Shatter Capital of the World
Denver is known as the "New Amsterdam" and we have been asked plenty of times where to get the best medicine. We "secret patient" dispensaries around town and compile information for our features and reviews. We decided to find out which hash in Denver is the best. We narrowed it down to three places to test this round and have 3 others to test next round. 

This competition had 6 flavors in two categories BHO and CW. Butane Honey Oil was the first up and we brought in our resident taster/connoisseur Dankasaurous. The cold water hashish was second for the testing. Dankasaurous is the local guru of cannabis for GG. He is well known throughout the MMJ industry and has signed on with Grimey Gatsby for tasting, testing, and over all critique of the Denver medical marijuana arena.....he is new to the family but steeped in the game. Make sure to follow him on Instagram as he is dominating the game. Back to the competition...

Testing elements:
Smell - Taste - Effect - Cough (Y/N)
The first three are judged out of a 10 point scale.

All types/flavors judged Dankasaurous himself.

Each dab was measured at .3 gram.
Each dab was followed by a 15 minute waiting period.

Native Roots Apothecary
Skywalker OG
Smell 8/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Yes
"My brain feels like it's doing the 'cha cha cha' with Yoda right now. It's some heavy stuff, man. Did I already try the next one yet? Wow....yeah I'm sky walking right now..."

Dan is the man that keeps it Top Shelf at NRA for their wax game

Bruce Banner #3
Smell 8/10 - Taste 9/10 - Effect 9/10 - Cough Yes (almost puked)
"Grown man dabbing right there - straight bouldering like a mountain man. Pretty numb all over from the knees to my noggin. I kinda love Bruce Banner for that. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes....knees, and toes...What where you asking me about again? Oh yeah...Banner...#1. I approve this message."

Blue Cheese
Smell 6/10 - Taste 7/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Y (more like kinda)
"It's smooth but I would rather smoke anything but 'the cheese.' Never liked it in my garden and that usually makes me loathe it anytime I see it. Upper frontal lobe is at ease but I still can't enjoy it as much as a real strain..."

Smell 7/10 - Taste 6/10 - Effect 7/10 - Cough N
"Slight sizzle on the end but it has the heavy effect that should occur. I don't think it will compare to the Banner or Skywalker.....Kizzle is 'aight' but it ain't no heavy weight. Ya need grown man dabs for the mile high culture..."

Essential Extracts
LA Romulan
Smell 7/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 7/10 - Cough Y
"It's a great taste for the dollar but full melt is usually the way to go. Kevin Spacey high for sure and that Romulan comes on hard at the end. Water hash is still my favorite for the personal nights. I would prefer something heavier for Friday evening..."

Essential Extracts keeps the water hash stocked all over Denver...
Bruce Banner #3
Smell 8/10 - Taste 8/10 - Effect 8/10 - Cough Y
"Ohhhhhyeeeeeeeeeeee that's what I need. Heavy true Banner. Makes you take step back before you decide what to do next...Never disappoints. True water hash never disappoints..."

The Winner:
Bruce Banner #3 BHO from Pink House....
Clean, smooth, powerful, and effective - this is something to get for your
next dab off.....

A Silver Medal was given to the Skywalker OG for it's true
taste & effect....also worth a dab or two ;) 

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