Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Giro - Onset Goggle 2012-2013 - Product Review

Onset Goggle 2012/2013

We were given a pair of Giro Onset's this week. They will be coming out next season and offer a great weight to visibility ratio.  You can watch the video from SIA with the features and the design (below). We had someone uphill, someone downhill, and someone snowmobile in these bad boys. They are light weight, great for flat light (grab the gangsta green lens), and the ventilation is perfect for those sweat rippin' telemark kids! Drew Ingardia (our local ripper for Giro) dropped them off before his knee surgery to get an "on hill" test. Within 48 hours we had 11 hours of use on them......

Uphill (2,200 vert climbed):
"Lightweight made it an easy choice to put in the back pack for the way up. Once I got about 1,000 feet into the climb it started to snow and the wind picked up. I tossed on the Onset and started hiking. Pretty soon I was closer to the top and getting the heat going from the terrain. The Onset kept it clear through the deep breathing and also helped with wind since it covered more of my wind burn on the crow's feet...ya know"

Wanna ski like this? ----> Get the Giro Onset

Downhill (6,470 vert skied):
"They are really light and when the flat light hit on Ajax I didn't have to worry...well I did worry because all my other goggles fog up or they don't stay in place. These, Onset, really stay in place and they keep me pushing downhill. Keeps it easy when your able to see clearly through the pow pow gnar gnar."

Snowmobiler (2 1/2 hours on the sled):
"They were a little 'bright' in the color department but they worked better than anything I have in my arsenal. They were comfy and didn't fog up when I had to dig the sled out of the backside. It's nice to have a goggle that can keep up with the sled life."

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