Monday, February 20, 2012

HST - The Original Grimey Gatsby

Hunter S. Thompson

He was the literary genius of his time. His impact with his writing has circled the globe thousands of times. But we in Aspen, we know a personal side of HST. From throwing the shot glass over his shoulder at the J Bar to having Bob Braudis & Johnny Deep at his place for late night talks on subjects not even your mind can't grasp. We have been to Owl Ranch for the High Times Bar B Que many many times. HST was one of the main promoters of High Times in it's beginning and his ads can still be seen today. 

His view on the world, it's players, and the big gig that we are all in; he couldn't take that anymore. Today is the Anniversary of his suicide. Every year in Aspen we take a second to realize what he really did for the "counter-culture" of America.......Screw that.....what he really did for ANY COUNTER CULTURE in America. For the people that exacerbate Freedom of Speech till the last breath, owe HST a big thank you. He was true, pure, spiritual, in tune, and fully involved with what was happening in HIS WORLD!!!!

From the campaign trails to the Vegas trips, HST showed us all how to unlock our inner self to become the Demon that society needed to face......REALITY!!!!!

Grab a book and start reading.......

"Slow Down PIG FUCKERS!!!" - HST as he hit speeding Land Rovers with a foglight and megaphone at the Woody Creek Tavern

"He who makes a Beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"

HST speaking more truth

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