Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Why is dancing something that only "some" people do?

"some" = with rhythm, ability to control swinging arms, ability to keep body 
upright during gyration, able to hear and induce movement to sounds, ability 
to hold poses for time during songs to show "pause," making a gorilla 
stomp look like Michael Jackson, sliding your feet back and forth,        
              slow dancing, ability to "lead," not standing against the wall.........

This all being said, it seems that most of the people have lost the subtlety of "getting down, the ability to feel the music, and RAGING," that has now become standard at musical events. You can see 'dirt twirlers' at the Wide Spread Panic shows in Aspen and you can see 'suits' watching Reggae in Jamaica. So where does that leave the average human that doesn't know how to "dance" to the music that is compelling them into society to find friends, partners, and new ways of fun?

1) Listen to the music before you attend the show:

This will give you the chance to get all of the nonsense that
you call "dancing" out of the way. Stand in front of 
                                                            the mirror and start dancing to the music.  

IN THE VIDEO ---- please go get a confirmation from a 
trusted friend (DO NOT LET THEM RECORD YOU
ON THEIR PHONE)......Once you have practiced "getting 
down" for a while in the comfort of your own home you are
now ready to step into the arena of music in 2012. 

2) Get your ass ready for the event:

You should know how to get there, have your ticket, and 
(hopefully, if it isn't your first rodeo) have your people ready
to enjoy whatever music you are headed to see.

3) Bring your A game and enjoy the scenery: 

If you head to Red Rocks - check the weather - it's outside :)
If you are going to Mansion in Miami, make sure to hydrate!
If you are going to New York -- save up!!
If you are headed to Europe --- practice dancing for another month.....
If you are going to Denver -- google "whoomp"
If you are headed to San Francisco - google "the bay"
***things that will be valuable research tools for your required fun levels***

4) RAGE:

You must unleash your inner child to destroy the beings that 
try to keep down the DANCE. Watch the hot women get down.
We don't care who is around.  We will RAGE 'till we are content. 
Most of the time, you can establish a great place in the crowd
with finding like minded people. You just have to make calculated 
decisions as to not make yourself offended with your surroundings . 

IF you like weights, beef, and beer - DON'T go stand behind the glow-stick
girls at the Deadmau5 show with your "bros"....it will not add to your evening

IF you are a couple on a date - DON'T go into the mosh pit - unless agreed
upon by both partners.......simple communication will solve this issue

IF you are late to the show - DON'T expect to weasel your way to the front 
of the stage -- I WILL HEEL YOU!!!  straight up.........

IF you have no money in your wallet --- DON'T pawn money/cigs/drinks/merch off people.... 

5) Celebrate the Music you enjoy:

Everyone loves some sort of music whatever it is. That is the 
best thing about music, "When it hits you feel no pain." You
can enjoy your music and everyone can enjoy THEIR music
So lets all unite in MUSIC.....the fact that people make it,
the fact that people hear it, the fact that people dance to it,
and the fact that people ENJOY IT more than anything

The best memories can be summoned by a simple chord. 

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