Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flat Fitty - WorldWide reach for the Gatsby.......

We are pleased to announce that Grimey Gatsby and Flat Fitty are working together to bring you great designs, hats, and quick information. We will be bringing the GG + FF partnership to the forefront with our fashion, music, and events. Feel free to contact us about where to find the Flat Fitty brand near you (no matter where you are). Their quality is FIRST across the entire globe. Our man Hunt has been brought on to design and endorse the brand. And our entire company is jazzed about the new hats, clients, and fashion to come. From fitted to snapback, five panel to beanie....they make it all for brands WORLDWIDE!!!!  Check out the new orders being shipped TODAY.....and be sure to keep an eye on Flat Fitty. If you didn't know, now you do; and that's half the battle....the other half is trying to keep up.

So-Cal, No Fear, Line Ski's, and Rockstar all use Flat Fitty!!!!

When is comes to quality..there is no other for GG but FF!!!!

"I handed Raekwon the hat and he says.....'oh yeah I know Flat Fitty that's the real brim shit. You know im gonna take this one home to NY.' and I laughed 'cause he took the hat I just picked out to wear for his show that evening...." - Hunt with Raekwon (of Wu-Tang) during X Games

"We know Flat doubt" 
- High Snobiety

"That hat is ill, son. I be wearing it."
-Daniel Marley about the 'I Have a Snapback Problem' hat

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