Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob

Happy Birthday Bob!!!!

Where would our music be today without this man?  The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley Order of Merit (JAM) was born on Febuary 6th. His life was one of struggle through the Kingston 12, society of Jamaica as a "mixed blood", and nick named "Tuff Gong" because of his ability to fight for his ground. The young Marley set precedence all over the music world. Finally, with the investment of a record exec, the sound of Bob, Peter, and Bunny (The Wailers) came full circle. Even after his days with The Wailers, Bob's touch on all aspects of Rastafari (hailed as the second coming of Joseph 'The Beacon"), the music of the world, and the thought of "True Inity" -- Pure Unity of the world -- was momentous. Bob left a legacy of music behind -- Ziggy, Stephen, Damien, Ky-Mani, Julian, Rohan, Daniel, and more grand children to follow. From his soothing sounds of "Jammin'" to his rendition of Haile Selassie's speech in "War," Bob was in touch with his universe and was determined to make a change. He was shot and performed the next day. He was the Rasta that brought the two political parties of Jamaica together. He was the person to sing at Zimbabwe's First Day of Freedom. He is the man that set up a brand to provide for thousands of people. He set up a music plant at 9 Mile (his estate in Jamaica) to give his crew jobs - pressing records, making merchandise, and continuing the lessons of JAH. He is the sound in your head when you think ZION....and he is there now watching us all.....

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