Monday, February 13, 2012

Shredly - Mtn Bike Fashion for Grimey Gals.....

Ashley Rankin.....designer/owner of Shredly

We had the enjoyment of swinging through the Skyy Hotel and 39 degrees to see the Shredly Fashion show this past week. Ashley did a great job with the show & girls to premiere her new line for Shredly. These shorts are something of can ride, swim, run, hike, ski, and relax all in these fashionable and functional shorts. The ad campaign is great...(well, you can see the topless women below)....We enjoy the ability to keep these fabrics on from trail to pool to sunset!! You can get them in some great designs; we really like the skulls and peacock feather designs. They are made by Ashley Rankin who not only is a biker and designer...but is also a normal chic that wants things to work and last. It was great touching base with her on Shredly's current affairs and the future. This spring be sure to keep an eye on Shredly as it makes it's way across the country. If you bike....or your girl does.....then you need to get on this wagon as fast as possible. Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook.....check out the website today and get with the new steeze for any trail-junkie!!!!

Keepin' it Gatsby.....

Perfect for a day of spring skiing....

Fallon showing off her skulls for a hike


Fashion Show Photography: Shawn O'Connor

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  1. Truly amazing lady with awesome and functional apparel!!!!!