Thursday, February 9, 2012

Red Bull Supernatural - The most Gatsby contest yet......

We have been bombarded with questions and requests for the Supernatural Event by Red Bull that was designed by Travis Rice. This past week a video went viral (over 25,000 views in 24 hours) on our Facebook page at view #386. We have the video below for you to watch. We also have some pictures from around the event, competitors, and brands. It is something to "stay tuned" will change the face of snowboarding, competitions, natural selection, and etc.....

The course was built by Travis Rice and a group of loggers with machinery. It is the first "man made" freeboard contest yet....and we would venture to say it is the first "man made over the top who's the fucking best" contest ever made. And from the video you will learn that Travis wins the contest. You may not know that John Jackson won "Best Trick" and the other competitors shred just as hard as T. Rice. You can see the results below and you can check out some killer pics.......all in all....we cannot wait to see this series, the lines, the course, and the tricks!!!!

  1. Travis Rice  91.00
  2. Gigi Rüf   84.00
  3. Nicolas Müller  82.60
  4. John Jackson  80.60
  5. Lucas Debari  77.00
  6. Kazuhiro Kokubo  75.50
  7. Jake Blauvelt  73.10
  8. David Carrier-­‐Porcheron  69.20
  9. Eero Niemela  68.90
  10.  Devun Walsh  68.80
  11. Mark Sollors 68.30
  12. Terje Haakonsen  68.20
  13. Eric Jackson  65.80
  14. Mark Carter  64.70
  15. Mark McMorris 63.00 

Photos by Wade Kingery

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