Thursday, February 9, 2012

WALLPAPER hits COLORADO!!!! - Grimey sounds for all......

"Wallpaper. is led by the sleazy, excess-obsessed Ricky Reed, who is also a gifted producer, multi-instrumentalist songwriter, viral media hustler and disco ball-busting crowd destroyer.
Wallpaper. evolved from a clever jab to, as S.F. Weekly put it, “a rebuttal against pop music as simple window dressing.” It boomed beyond the satire and quickly surpassed the irony and gained attention for the legit songwriting and masterful production. The beat-heavy pop ditties are built around sweaty, swaggerful beats. Wallpaper. keeps it funky, and gives a knowing nod to the early greats who offered their influence: P-Funk, Afrobeat, Bay Area rap, perhaps even some Prince." - as self described....

We are excited to have this lively show coming to Aspen...and also Boulder & Denver. No matter where you are you should go hit this show and then let us know "Thank You." It will be a new avenue of music for you to RAGE....and also one hell of a party. We have photographers chomping at the bit to get with Wallpaper.......we are sure they will be the "next level" you are looking for.

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