Sunday, September 2, 2012

Heartland Pharmacy - Bubba Kush - Medicine Review

Bubba Kush - Strain Review

We picked up a sample of the Bubba Kush from Heartland this week. It was something we have been meaning to do since we linked up with them last time. They have a locations on Holly and Pearl Street in Denver. Featuring one of the largest selections of medicine in the front range. We had plenty to look over and the Bubba is something that most dispensaries have on the shelf (Kush is the most heavily populated name in the Front Range vocabulary). It's easy to compare and contrast a stable strain like Bubba since all MC's have to grow indoor and organically. 

We decided to get it a shot last night with two patients and here is our test and research for you:

Bubba Kush - Heartland Pharmacy

3.5 grams - flowers

Administration of the medicine through a water pipe. Patients were then asked to watch a movie and reflect on their ailments and their moods. 

2 hours

Both patients administered their own amount of medicine for the water pipe and finish the amount to start the testing. The movie was "Coming to America" and the patients both sat and watched it to the finish. Both patients complained of anxiety and nervousness due to occupational and personal stress. They both have history of back ailments. Within 5 minutes both patients commented on their back and it's "restfulness." Within 20 minutes both patients were hungry and at ease with their anxiety and nerves. At the 35 minute mark patient 1 asked to administer more medicine because "it tastes really good and is helping with my issues." The total amount administered during the test was 2 grams. Patient 2 remarked "I should sleep well tonight after a week of tossing and turning."

We will be reviewing more products, strains, and edibles as they come our way. Thank you to Heartland Pharmacy and make sure to check out their store near you. 

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