Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reserva Privada Colorado - Seeds for the Future

Reserva Privada Colorado
Colorado's Genetics are paving the way for patients!!!!

We have been researching and studying the MMJ industry in Denver for the patients and the future of medicine. We came along this gem last week. After Hunt had a meeting with their people, we decided to let you in on a secret.......Reserva Privada Colorado. They are making moves in the genetics world. Not only bringing home trophies from the Cannabis Cup & the High Times Cup, but they also have some serious players in their corner. The Clinic runs their genetics to the "T" and has some of the best names in "quality medicine" in Colorado. Reserva Privada also has some of the strongest cuts from the OG's of the gene game.....DNA genetics owners, Don & Aaron, hand selected their L.A. Confidential clone for Reserva (see "Confidential Collection" below). The "Sour Collection" has been rumored to be finished but not released. They bring professional standard, great genetics, and a superior product for the patients everywhere. Make sure you get your "beans" now for your next crop. They are feminized, effective, and beautiful when the whole cycle is over. We have a few names that we trust when it comes to the origin of the medicine and this company is someone to watch for the next 5 years. You can follow them on Twitter to keep up with their fast moving action.

The Confidential Collection:

Click here and let Reserva Privada help you with your issues.

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