Sunday, September 9, 2012

Strain Review - Lightshade Labs

Strain Review - Flowers

(Grand Daddy Purps)
Stimulating, fruitful, and crisp is how we heard it best from our patient pool. They used up the entire sample first saying "Anything that purple needs to be tasted first and compared to the rest." It has plenty of punch and for the indica hunters - This is your strain.

Flirty, playful, and heady were the best three adjectives. This sativa rings true to the name it holds. Fresh and distinct this flavor is a favorite of all legal states. 

Glass Slipper
Pineapple Kush x Cindy '99
This was the sleeper of the group. The cross is tasty and leaves the patient relaxed for the evening. It works well with anxiety and keeps the nerves at ease.

Healthy, Impact, and Heavy were all use throughout the group. Something that is best to grab early as it flies off the shelves fast. Usually around for 48 hours but soon will be a staple at Lightshade...

Critical Plus
Indica, intense, and yes please were the best ways they "described" this plant. The only one close the the "love eyes" was GDP. This strain keeps pain at bay and makes insomniacs past out. And they have it in surplus these days....

Patient Pool:
5 patients from different areas of Denver Downtown
To sample the samples through water pipes
1 gram = Test amount
20 minutes between each tasting

GDP was finished first.
FLO & Trainwreck were the next to be finished.
All samples were used by all patients.
After 5 minutes all patient said they believed all strains were of "above average."
After 3 flavors, 2 patients waited for 20 minutes before starting their tasting.
All 5 patients said at the end of the tasting that they were "relieved of their ailments."
All 5 patients said the best medicine was GDP - taste & effect. 
Trainwreck was second in our data....

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