Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Winter means you better know your Mountains

GG Winter 2013
Where will we be and Why we will be there......

We have some mountains that we are going to be visiting this Winter for our trips through the country....and even Canada. Silverton, Alta, and Revelstoke will be housing the Gatsby for a weekend this winter. We will be covering their town, mountain, fashion, and music with our people and Pow Gnar team of GG. Recently, Team USA brought home the Swatch Cup and we decided with the first dusting of snow in's time to start showing your places to Keep it Gatsby. You can hit us up at to find out when we will be crushing these resorts with GRIME!!!!

The best snow, the highest snowfall, and the ONLY place for Heli Drops in Colorado???
You know this place takes the cake. Our President, Hunt spent the entire winter of '09 at Silverton taking down lines and watching some of the elite pro's tear down this mountain made for Guru's. From the Vodka Shots to the Billboard, you will have a tough time taking it all in for a day pass. You'll need a weekend since they only have one lift. One chair lift and thousands of acres to ski make this place the only stop for true mountaineers. Over the past few years every snow production company has come to Silverton for their snowpack and small town life to capture the essence of what has now turned into Corporate Resorts with little hometown feel. Shaun White even had his practice super pipe built there before the first introduction of it to the X Games. Hunt has some great stories about poaching that line......

As Heli Coordinator Alex Hunt says, "It's Silverton, just how it goes."

Still labeled "ski only" but has the lightest "champagne powder" in Utah. A slow 6 mile drive from Sandy will take you back in time to jeans, duct tape, and telemark boots when you reach the Gold Miner's Daughter. Still keeping the top of the mountain Gatsby for all these years with their true grit and gracious lines. The legendary "dish washer" position to the tow rope "coffee cup games," Alta never disappoints....unless it's "interlocken" time. They have to shut down the resort because of snowfall at times. They use military mortars fired at the mountain for "Snowpack stabilization" and safety of the guests. Many times the best stories of Alta are those of the staff & guests during interlocken. Make sure to bring the fat skis and traverse fast because Alta locals are the "Pirates of the High Traverse" and don't like to wait for their lines. 

Majestic & Brutal all in the same picture - Alta "The Grandfather of Gnar"

Sporting the most ski-able acres in the Western Hemisphere and the most snowfall of any Resort in recent years.......Revelstoke. They have on piste, off piste, snowcat, helicopter, and guided tours all IN THE you get our drift? This place is Disneyland for Powder Hounds. Tree skiing, groomed runs, and off piste that are 5,200 vertical feet to the end (the longest vertical drop in the Western Hemisphere). It is the largest resort on "our side" and it is something to see when you can. Their snow is fluffy like the Rettalack movie and deeeeeeeeeeep like the Canadian heritage in Skiing. You can get anything you like accomplished at Revelstoke...getting there is the harder part. It's a 5 hour trip north from Calgary to reach this Oasis of Pow. If you do journey there this winter....make sure to check out the new terrain and their new eatery's - It's where we will be for the weekend in this Kingdom of Gnar.

If you can't make Chamonix.....This is the place to be!!!

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