Friday, September 7, 2012

You'll be hearing Echoes of this EP for days....


Another trio of Boulder cats killing it on the live electronic scene, Sunsquabi slays their self-dubbed genre of "electronic hydro-funk". Their fresh EP Echoes will have you hearing echoes of some classic tracks, re-imagined and funkified with Sunsquabi's unique flavor.

listen to the EP here

This collection of remixes is a fresh blend of electro, reggae, and funk that is just what your earpiece ordered.  Sunsquabi's progressive sound features layered styles in an organic flow.  You'll get your taste of "futuristic dancehall" on Mochipet is Evil  (flirting with that moombahton sound we're loving at the moment). Then you'll get rock riffs that show off live guitar and solid prog rock chops on Warrior's Dance...then onto a nerd like Gatsby, the Game of Thrones theme mix is a perfect battle anthem.  Like the up-tempo Warrior's Dance,  this is journey music. The kind of stuff that takes you into mythical realms and on intergalactic voyages.  Think Led Zepellin and Pink Floyd in the digital age.

Get some auditory satisfaction with a listen to Echoes...this joint is worth a sit down and listen, but it's probably gonna end up making you wanna get up and dance....and if you wanna do that, check these boys out at The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO on Sept 21 or at Cervantes in Denver on Sept 28.....or download the EP and start your own intergalactic dance party!

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