Friday, September 14, 2012

Truth - Love's Shadow

New Zealand's musical master minds Truth are at it again. Bringing you the best quality dubstep sound many have come to know and love. With the deep rooted thoughts of that lingering dark side found in everything, Truth is here to bring you just that. Digging deeper into everything to find the true essence the sound and experience of this album will bring you that truth your searching for. With the new start to their own label Defy, Truth felt it was time to give their fans a well deserved gift. With all the time, heart work, and crisp sound you are used to purchasing they are now releasing for FREE in a fan friendly series of EPs. Not planning to leave the many labels that have helped to release so many past works, it just felt time to give back! The album will include many favorites remixed and also adding in plenty of collaborations with the likes of CrushingtonKromestar, and Datsik to name a few.

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